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Our spring steel hook is your instant storage solution.  Wherever you have wood (think shed, basement, garage, attic, etc.) this hook will attach overhead, on an angle or

on a stud, 2x4 or 4x4.


Easy to remove and replace without any tools.  In fact, the more weight applied, the deeper it digs into the wood!


We are a small, family owned manufacturer.  Our raw wire prices just increased by 33% due to new steel tariffs, so we had to raise our price slightly. Sorry if you have an old business card, we appreciate your understanding.



All major credit cards accepted.

Checks can be mailed with phone number for any questions.

RETURN POLICY: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, return within 30 days for a full refund



1 set 20 Studgrabbers                 $13.95

1 Set Shelf Hooks                         $9.95

3 items                                     $14.95
Over 3 items                              $18.95 and up


​Continental US only. Contact us for quote outside.

 All Studgrabbers will be shipped in plastic bags of 20.  Giving these as a gift? 

We can mail them in a box for $2 more. Scroll over product options to select a boxed set.

While we strive to ship immediately for all orders, we are often away at retail shows (see below) which could result in up to a 2 week delay in shipping.

All orders are sent out USPS priority mail.

Please provide an email address for a digital receipt and tracking number. If time is of the essence, please contact us to see about the time frame. 

How much does one hook hold?  For insurance reasons we rate them for 25 pounds, but in reality, at around 50-60 pounds the steel  will start to bend. Usually you are using two hooks for balance ( i.e. a long stepladder), not for weight. 


Do I need different hooks for overhead or different size wood? The same hook works overhead, at an angle, or on a regular stud. The same hook can be used on 2x4's and 4x4's (from 1' to  3 1/2").


What kind of wood does it grab?  Due to it's extremely sharp steel points, the Studgrabbers will work on any wood; hard wood, soft wood, rough sawn, etc. The hard wood found in old barns or homes as well as new construction. It is made to sink into wood, therefore it will not work on metal or plastic studs.

What are the hooks made of?  They are a galvanized spring steel, and they will not rust.


How long will they last?  Virtually forever! We've never had an incident of someone saying they wore out or got dull. 


Where are they made?  Studgrabbers are 100% US made, we are the inventor and manufacturer.

What size board is the shelf hook design to hold?  The shelf hook is designed to hold an 8" board.  When used as a shelf there is still storage thru the brackets under the shelf as well as the ability to hang things from the bracket. It is also very handy as a single unit to hold bigger heavier things,  such as kayaks, cord reels, hoses etc.  


How much weight will each shelf hook hold?  Due to the welding and the bracing, each shelf hook will hold approx 150 pounds when used as single units for holding hose reels, kayaks, cords etc; or 300 pounds when used as a shelf as long as your board can support that much weight. 

On YouTube the original video shows yellow rubber coated hooks? Are they still available?  We just started making our new rubber coated Hooks again. Scroll thru the product options to purchase.

We currently do not have any retail shows booked

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We’re here to help! Contact us with any inquiries. 

We are a small family owned company, and will do our best to respond in a timely fashion.  Check dates of the "Retail Shows" above and please be patient if we dont get right back to you! Thank you.

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